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It's My Birthday!

2014-07-18 03:43:25 by SukiiK


It's my Birthday today! I have just turned 21! Yahoo!


Well, I've been posting news posts leading up to this and it's finally here. Woooo!

For starters - for TODAY ONLY (JULY 18) - I am having a commission sale! 21% off EVERYTHING! Place your order now and you will receive a 21% off discount from whatever you want. Send me a PM or a note on deviantART to order a commission. To view my prices, click the following link:


Commissions will be open to everyone today (as in I won't be putting a limit to the amount of people who want commissions.)

BUT! To keep you posted here is my commission availability slots for this month:

Slot 1 - Lucky Star Comic Commission Series - Paid and Complete

Slot 2 - *Tis a secret for now* - Paid and in Progress

Slot 3 - Filled - In Progress

If you would not like a commission but would still like to celebrate my birthday with me, I am on Patreon! :D If you want you can support me over there by clicking the following link:


Also, if you want to celebrate my Birthday in other ways you can...

 - Send me a PM on Newgrounds saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D

- Send me a Note on deviantART saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

- Comment on this post and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

- Comment on Hentai-Foundry and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

- Send me a sketch of my Original Character, Freya - I would LOVE to see some!

- Yell it really loud at home by yourself and hope that I hear it.

- Whatever else you can think of to celebrate my Birthday with me. :D

I hope I have a great day. I'm real excited about my Birthday, after all, it's only one day of the year.


I'm going to be seeing the movie Sex Tape (it's got Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal) and eat lots of popcorn and then regret eating so much popcorn.

Oh and my sister got me an awesome present. She got me... an IPAD! Woo! Now I can do all the fun stuff I wanna do but on a bigger device than my dinky cell phone.


So that is the big update for today. I hope you guys post some comments and send me messages, I'd love to hear from you all! :D :D


And Now For Some SukiiK Quiz Time

1. What is my favourite color?

2. What is my favourite flower?

3. What is my favourite decade?

4. What is my favourite kind of dog?

5. Who is my favourite cartoon character?

I Am Still On The Hunt for Good Music!

If you have a good song that you think I should hear lemme know!

Here are some songs for inspiration:

Check out my other news posts for more songs that I've posted.

That's all for me for now! I can't wait to hear from everyone!





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2014-07-18 04:31:37

happy birthday!! have a good one lol

SukiiK responds:

Thank you!


2014-07-18 13:41:24

Happy Birthday! Wish you a very happy one!

SukiiK responds:

Thanks! :D


2014-07-18 14:09:16

Happy birthday!

SukiiK responds:

Thanks! :D


2014-07-18 19:15:55

Yay! Happy 21st! :)

SukiiK responds:

Thanks!! :D


2014-07-19 03:43:06

happy birthday!