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2014-02-23 02:48:13 by SukiiK

Hello Everybody!

I was just wondering if anyone can post some helpful comments and critiques on my artwork and stuff.





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2014-02-23 03:03:45

That's a tough one, hard to articulate. Doesn't matter though, because you've been constantly improving, getting more consistent.

SukiiK responds:

Thanks! I hope to keep improving :D


2014-02-23 03:16:29

You will, your heart's in the right place. Just keep observing the human and natural form of things, flood yourself with pictures of people, plants, animals... the whole shebang. Come summertime, sit out on the beach and just watch people... after a while, the images in your head become more detailed, and your skills will reflect that.


2014-02-23 05:18:22

I would when I'm not busy


2014-02-23 14:28:06

How th' hell am I supposed to critizie ya!? You're great! There's not much, if any, to criticize, only complement.

SukiiK responds:

Awe jee whiz, thanks!