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2014-02-20 01:50:42 by SukiiK

Hi Everybody!


I just wanted to update everyone on what's happenin' with me!

Commissions are still open. I have 2 slots available and I am currently working on 2 commissions right now. So look forward to those once they're posted!

I missed about a week of school due to some personal issues so I'm a bit behind. I need to start working on a portfolio to present to my class. If anyone has any suggestions for me or advice on portfolio making/presenting please feel free to share!

If you have any questions or comments you can post them below or send me a PM! :D


Thanks Everybody and I almost have 400 fans! Woot!



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2014-02-20 16:37:24

I just made it 397 fans :)

SukiiK responds:

Thank you! :D