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Contest for a FREE Commission/Picture Request!

2013-09-11 00:28:34 by SukiiK

Hello Everyone!

So I have a problem and I'm looking for someone to be the solution. There is an anime character that I cannot remember who they are. I do not know if they're from a game or a show or what. But if someone can give me a name of who they think the character is, and if I look them up and they're right, then the winner will be given a FREE Commission of anything they would like!

The image below is the best reference I have for what I remember the character looks like!

Good luck and thanks to all those who help me look!


I will be making a new picture soon that is closer to what I remember about the character. Thanks to everyone who is helping me in the search!

- Sukiik

Contest for a FREE Commission/Picture Request!


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2013-09-11 01:03:32

Haven't the foggiest, sorry. Can you describe anything else about this series/movie? What it felt like, genre, setting....? I assume those gold hair clips and hairstyle are symmetrical?

Maybe she's from one of the later Vampire Hunter D movies? Best of luck, I've been where you are!

SukiiK responds:

Yes the golden hair clips are the biggest thing I can remember. She might have had black hair, dark brown, or dark purple hair. I'm not entirely sure. I THINK she might have been a fighter in a game or something.... she could have had some type of weapon but I can barely remember.

She has a white dress type thing and there is some red at the top center of the dress (i think).

I can't remember much else though.

Let me know if you find anything! Thanks!


2013-09-11 07:06:40

i have no idea sorry


2013-09-11 16:24:38

one of the Final Fantasy games i can't rember her name thought


2013-09-26 02:20:01

Tried to come up with something here... some ideas are maybe;
Sumire from Candy Doll - (found this one randomly online)
Maybe a girl from Inuyasha; Kikyo or Kagome? No clue...

If It's fighting games I'd look at anything like;
Dead or Alive - Best guess there is Kokoro
MY BEST GUESS EVER THO would have to be Maori Kasuga from Arcana Heart.

None of them really look like your portrayal, but as close as my brain can get so... I'm sorry if none of this helps...