July 2017 Update

2017-07-06 07:14:21 by SukiiK

July 2017 Update

Hey Everyone!

Well, now that’s it’s July I’ve decided to post an update on what’s going to be going on this month.

Patreon-Related: (https://www.patreon.com/sukiik)

For starters, it’s a new month which means an update to my Patreon! Here’s a general rundown of what I currently have to offer on my Patreon.

-          Pledging $1.00 will give you access to a monthly patron-voted for Pin-Up Character. You can also suggest and vote for what this character will be.

-          Pledging $5.00 will give you the above as well as the opportunity to suggest and vote for a monthly Sketch Pack* theme.

 A Sketch Pack* is a group of 5 pictures, each of a single character or close up that’s related to the monthly theme. You can suggest any theme that you want as long as it coincides with my commission rules. You can also ask me if you have any questions! Also, one of the 5 images will be chosen by me to be lined and included in the pack.


Well, it’s July so that means my Birthday is coming up! Woo! I’m going to be away from July 16th until July 23rd. I won’t be doing any work during that time but I will still be available for PMs.

Also, for everyone who is waiting on commissions I haven’t forgotten about any of you – I have a giant list at the moment and I’m chiseling away at it as fast as I can. If you’ve requested a commission fairly recently the wait might be a bit longer than I originally thought but I’m working as fast as I can. If you’ve been waiting a while I’m really sorry for the delay and I assure you I’ll be getting to your commission as soon as possible.


Please send me PM if you have any questions or if you just want to say "HI!" and I hope everyone is having a great summer! I’m not much for this hot weather but it’s nice in the evening haha.


-          SukiiK



Join Me on Patreon!

2017-06-14 07:40:32 by SukiiK

Hey Everybody!

Long time no post...

It's definitely been a while since I've been on Newgrounds. I'm still around but all of my work has been posted on aryion.com due to content. https://aryion.com/g4/user/SukiiK

If you still follow me on here I thought I would tell you about my new Patreon Update!


~~~The June/July 2017 Patreon Special Bundle~~~


I am now offering for the months of June and July 2017 the opportunity to download ALL previous Patreon rewards. Typically, my Patreon rewards are only available for the month that they’re given out but ALL rewards up until this point are now available to download!

Pledging just $1.00 will get you immediate access to 22 never before seen images. These images include voted for Pin-Up Characters as well as selected images from my monthly sketch packs.

If you want to see even more than that, pledging $5.00 will get you access to 35 images! These images include the voted for Pin-Up Characters as well as the complete sketch packs.

Also, becoming a Patron will give you the ability to suggest and vote for content that you’d like to see! $1.00 and up Patrons are able to vote for Pin-Up Characters and $5.00 and up Patrons get to vote for Sketch Pack Themes as well as Pin-Up Characters!

I’m so close to my goal and I can’t wait to reach it! My first Patreon goal is to do a Patron-Voted for single picture OR comic and I have created a SECOND GOAL! My second goal is that I will do a short flash animation/game that is voted for by my patrons (ALL PATRONS $1.00 AND UP WILL BE ABLE TO VOTE FOR IT!).

So if you’d like to see some more of my art and suggest new things for me to draw – head on over to my Patreon and help me reach my goals!